In a group of three students’ maximum, you will create a menu of authentic foods from the assigned Spanish speaking country and choose one of the foods to prepare for your family and a sample for the class. You will also create a dialogue for a skit of a restaurant experience.


You must research the foods from the country you have been assigned. Include the following in the menu:
-Foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drink (non-alcoholic) and dessert seven items each.
-The price of each item

-The menu must be colorfully illustrated through out (at least seven drawings)
-Have the restaurant Spanish name; include the address, phone number and email of your restaurant.
-The menu must be completely in Spanish.

You are to create a skit in Spanish about a restaurant experience. The dialogue must include entering the restaurant, asking for the special, ordering off the menu, asking the ingredients of the special, and eating and paying for the meal. You must also include one problem, i.e. problem with the ordering of the food, problem with paying the bill, problem with the order etc. All members of the group must speak equal amounts of time throughout the skit. You must include a backdrop (i.e. banner or poster etc.) with the name of the restaurant; you must include 5 props in addition to music.

You are to choose one of the foods off the menu you are creating and turn it into the teacher for approval. Once you have obtained approval, you must then prepare the dish for your families, get their signature, and include a photo of them eating it. On presentation day you will bring in a sample of the dish you prepared for you family, for the class. You must also turn in the signed form with the photo attached.