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Sem. 1 Jeopardy

Sem. 2 Jeopardy: Sem. 1

Sem. 2 Jeopardy: Roaring 20s

Sem.2 Jeopardy: Great Depress.

Sem.2 Jeopardy: World War II

Sem.2 Jeopardy: Cold War

Sem.2 Jeopardy: Civil Rights

Sem.2 Jeopardy: Vietnam, Etc.

Review Guides

Semester 1 Final Review

Semester 2 Final Review

Semester 1

First semester begins at the Pre-Colombian Period.  After a very brief overview of Native American civilizations, the class moves into the first colonies.  We then trace the history of the developing United States through to the 20th century and America's rise as a global economic and military power by the end of World War I.  While we cover a lot of ground in a very short period of time, most of this is review from previous classes, mostly eighth grade.

The Semester 1 Final Exam covers United States history from colonization to the end of World War I.  The exam consists of 200 selected response (multiple choice, matching, true/false) questions and a series of 10 identifications drawn from a possible pool of 20 terms.  Aside from completing the review guide, the most effective study technique for students will be reviewing past quizzes.

While this exam marks the end of the first semester, the content covered will be critical to the students' developing understanding of American history.  As such, students will be responsible for that content throughout second semester.  Their exams and quizzes will reflect that expectation.

Semester 2

We will continue to draw on first semester as we continue through the history of the United States in the twentieth century.  We slow down significantly second semester as, for most students, this is entirely new material never before covered in school.  We begin the semester with the Roaring Twenties and end as close to the modern day as possible.

The Semester 2 Final Exam covers the entirety of U.S. history from colonization to the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks.  The exam consists of 200 selected response questions and an essay respnse.  The majority of these multiple choice questions will come from Second Semester, though some will cover major concepts from first semester.  The remaining questions are composed of two sets of matching questions.  The first asks the students to match certain amendments with their effects.  The second asks students to match an event or piece of legislation with its outcome.  The essay requires students to analyze a major theme in U.S. history over time.  They will have a choice between two different themes/topics.  As with the first semester final, students should complete the study guide and use past quizzes to review for the final exam.