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Typing Lessons

Alameda County Library

Live homework help as well as links to articles and databases, literary criticism, and various homework help sites.


A+ Research & Writing
Step by step instructions on Research & Writing from Teen Space and the Internet Public Library

         "Ask now provides immediate and reliable information from librarians from libriaries throughout
         California 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

Excellent resource from the Multnomah County Library that categorizes biographies by occupation as well as provides links to biography megasites. Users will find many links that will produce information from a number of sources.

Homework Center


From the Mutlnomah County Library, you can get help on any subject by clicking on the appropriate "Homework Topic." There are also explanations of how to use search engines and other technology skills.

Math -Algebra Help
"This site contains all the material covered in the Alg I and Alg II curriculum. Much of the material is interactive so that you can get explanations, examples, practice problems with hints and answers."

Writing Resources
Writing Resources from Grammar, punctuation and bibliography help can all be found at this site, along with many other links.

 Fact Monster
This site, from the Learning Network, is loaded with facts for students from K-12. Included is a searchable atlas, almanac, dictionary, and encyclopedia. This site also includes a homework center.