Hispanic/Latino Links


Hispanic Heritage    http://www.galegroup.com/free_resources/chh/

"Welcome to the Hispanic Heritage free resource site.  Within this site, teachers and students can: read biographies of significant Hispanic individuals; take a Hispanic culture quiz; follow a timeline of events that helped shape the Hispanic culture; explore Hispanic holidays, musical genres, and other topics; visit other pertinent sites; and find suggestions for further readings."

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month   http://www.cr.nps.gov/nr/feature/hispanic/

"'This site highlights various publications, properties listed in the National Register, and National Parks that deal directly with the ingenuity, creativity, cultural, and political experiences of Hispanic Americans' of Spanish, Latin American, Basque, and Caribbean ancestry. Browse publications, travel itineraries, historic places and parks, and learn about this annual observance held September 15 to October 15. Includes a Spanish version of the register (El Registro Nacional De Lugares Historicos). From the National Register of Historic Places."


We the People: Hispanics in the United States   http://www.census.gov/prod/2004pubs/censr-18.pdf
"This report provides a portrait of the Hispanic-origin population in the
United States and discusses some of the Hispanic or Latino groups within this population at the national level. It is part of the Census 2000 Special Reports series that presents several demographic, social, and economic characteristics collected from Census 2000."


The Library of Congress: Hispanic Reading Room   http://www.loc.gov/rr/hispanic/

"Collection of research materials for 'the geographical areas [and cultures] of the Caribbean, Latin American, and Iberia . . .and peoples throughout the world historically influenced by Luso-Hispanic heritage, including Latinos in the U.S., and peoples of Portuguese or Spanish heritage in Africa, Asia, and Oceania.'  Features exhibits and photo collections, geneaology resources, bibliographies and finding aids, and more.  Some material available in Spanish and Portuguese.  From the Library of Congress."

REACH: Recursos Para la Ensenanza y el Aprendizaje de las Culturas Hispanas   http://www.nflc.org/REACH/

"The objectives of this site are to "help in the teaching of Spanish and Hispanic cultures to bilingual Latino students," and to help Spanish-speaking students and the general public gain a greater appreciation of Hispanic language and culture. Features several teaching modules on subjects such as Latinos in the United States and Andean culture. In English and Spanish. A project of the National Foreign Language Center (NFLC), based at the University of Maryland."


Portals to the World: History: Mexico     http://www.loc.gov/rr/international/hispanic/mexico/resources/mexico-history.html
"Compilation of annotated links to "electronic resources on the history of
Mexico which includes timelines, chronologies, biographical dictionaries, and auxiliary studies," as selected by Library of Congress subject experts in the Hispanic Division. Includes links to general sites and to sites about specific events and groups, such as the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the U.S.-Mexican War, and the Zapatistas. From the Library of Congress."


Archivos Virtuales: Papers of Latino & Latin American Artists   http://archivesofamericanart.si.edu/guides/site-archivos/index.cfm
"This site 'focuses on access to information about the [Smithsonian] Archives of American Art's ... papers of and about Latino and Latin American artists.' A guide to the collections includes brief descriptions, some with links to online materials. The site also features oral history interview transcripts (some in Spanish) and finding aids for some of the collections. Browsable and searchable. "


LatinArt.com       http://www.latinart.com/
"An online journal of art and culture."
Features articles, profiles of artists, images of works, exhibits, a calendar of events and openings, and a worldwide directory of museums, galleries, institutions, and foundations which feature Latin American art. Includes glossary of related terms. Also available in Spanish. Registration (free) required.


Hispanic Heritage    http://www.infoplease.com/spot/hhm1.html

From Infoplease, related links for all features Hispanic.


Understanding Hispanic Culture     http://ohioline.osu.edu/hyg-fact/5000/5237.html

Information is presented on a variety of subjects related to Hispanic culture, such as religion, celebrations, families, and more


Celebrate Hispanic Heritage    http://teacher.scholastic.com/hispanic/

Celebrate Hispanic heritage by learning about Hispanic history in the Americas. Use an interactive map to find Spanish influences in California, Florida, New York, Cuba, Mexico, Central America, and South America since 1492. Meet famous Latinos from today and from history. Latinos have been scientists, authors, astronauts, doctors, actors, athletes, soldiers, and in politics. Many Latinos are bilingual and multi-cultural. Hear from Latinos who are proud of their heritage. Find ideas and links for research topics

From Ask.com - Hispanic Scholarship Information


Hispanic Scholarship Fund    http://www.hsf.net/

"The nation's leading organization supporting Hispanic higher education through scholarships and other resources."


Scholarships for Hispanics - National Hispanic Press   http://www.scholarshipsforhispanics.org

"Announcing the Time Warner Cable Hispanic Heritage scholarship."


Hispanic Scholarship Fund    http://www.statefarm.com/foundati/hispanic.htm

State Farm Company Foundation assists Hispanic college students