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The Art Institute of Chicago

"Art Access examines objects from various areas of the Art Institute of Chicago’s permanent collection to enrich visitors' understanding of their content, style, and historical context. Included are a variety of online resources of special interest to educators, parents, students, and young people, including lesson plans for the classroom and art projects for the home"


National Gallery of Art-Teaching Resources

"National Gallery of Art Web site, Themes in American Art, covers topics such as abstraction, historical subjects, narrative art, and portraiture; illustrated by works in the collection. Includes a glossary"


All Music Guide
All Music Guide covers every genre of music you can think of. Click on the style, read articles, check out CDs and more.

Artcyclopedia: The Guide to Fine Art on the Internet
Artcyclopedia is searchable by artists, title of artwork, art museum, nationality, and many more categories.

Popular Songs in America tunes, lyrics, information, historical background and tune related links

Journals and Magazines - Music

            A set of links to online journals for music, provided by Indiana University Music Department.

Literary Resources -- Theatre and Drama
Part of the Literary Resources site includes numerous links to sites around that world focused on theatre and drama.

MTV's homepage.
Check it out!

Music Archives


            “An exceptional collection of information about music, in its popular forms. Has sections dedicated to all of the

major styles…”

Country Music
Yee-haw! For country music fans. Find out the latest news and check out your favorite artists.





New York American Museum of Natural History

A personal tour guided by author Brian Selznick provides insight into the museum's history and collections.


Metropolitan Museum of Art

Collection Search


Metropolitan Museum of Art Timeline
Hellbrun Timeline of Art History


Web Gallery of Art

"The Web Gallery of Art is a virtual museum and searchable database of European painting and sculpture of the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism, Romanticism periods (1000-1850), currently containing over 29.000 reproductions. Picture commentaries, artist biographies are available. Guided tours, period music, catalogue, free postcard and other services are provided."



Flickr Photo-sharing site

Picnik Photo-editing site

GIMP "image manipulation program"

Cooliris "a browser plugin that transforms searching for photographs into an amazing visual experience."

Dark Room Source
Excellent information on building a dark room.

The Digital Journalist Home Page
“Online magazine for journalists who use digital media. “

The Light Room
“This is an information intensive web site”

Masters of Photography
Information about specific photographers, including articles and

Black and White World
Welcome to the Photographer's ToolKit. This is where you'll find the tools you'll need to grow as a photographer and keep up with new products and technologies.

African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning
The objects selected for this exhibit were chosen both to exemplify African aesthetic and moral principles and to display some of the finest pieces in the Bayly's large collection. Most of the pieces in the exhibit come from West African societies.

Asian Art
"The online journal for the study and exhibition if the arts of Asia."
"An online journal of art and culture." Features articles, profiles of artists, images of works, exhibits, a calendar of events and openings, and a worldwide directory of museums, galleries, institutions, and foundations which feature Latin American art. Includes glossary of related terms. Also available in Spanish. Registration (free) required.